Iddat After Divorce in Muslim Marriages

Last updated on Apr 8, 2022

The Iddat period after divorce in a Muslim marriage is a period of time where the wife is not allowed to marry anyone else or have sexual intercourse with anyone. Only women have to follow the Iddat period under the Muslim Law.

If you have been divorced by your husband then the Iddat period is:

  • Three months from the date your husband says the word ‘talaq’.
  • If you are pregnant during this iddat period, then until the date of delivery.

Your husband can always change his mind during the iddat period and take back his talaq, after which, you will be a married couple again.

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Ali Sufi

July 21, 2022

Is there iddat period on all three talaq


August 8, 2022



August 6, 2022

I was already in my periods when I got my divorce so for how long should I stay in iddah


August 8, 2022

Three months from the date your husband says the word ‘talaq’.

Muhammad Ali

September 21, 2022



August 23, 2022

Aslm if a husband talaq his wife and he only gives 1 must she soma goes into iddat

Muhammad Ali

September 21, 2022

Yes, because talaq is threat to wife and as well as regret for husband, in case of pronounced only one or two, that if again any dispute or quarrel arises between couple, so he could repeat again and dissolve the marriage. And during that iddat period wife and husband cannot stay together.


September 22, 2022

Period ki timing Par talaaq accept nhi hoti hai ….. Purity ke time pr hi hoti h bs

Rubab khan

October 9, 2022

My husband gave me talakay slassa I completed my iddat after one notice he traped me that he said 2nd 3rd notice will give u but after talaky slasa one notice is enough now I got my divorce dgree my question is now I have been repeated my iddat


October 25, 2022

If you have been subjected to Talaq-e-biddat, you can approach Court for valid form of divorce as talaq-e-biddat was banned in India, so your husband can’t give you divorce in such a way as it would considered void. You may opt for other forms of divorce which are valid. Regarding the issue of iddat, as your divorce is not valid so there is no need to observe such iddat period.

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