Remarrying Your Divorced Wife in Muslim Marriage Law

Last updated on Jun 1, 2022

If your husband wants to remarry you after a divorce then also you have to observe a period of iddat, which is different from the iddat time period if your husband dies. In a situation where your husband wants to marry you again after divorcing you, then he has to wait till the following happens:

  • You have to follow the iddat period.
  • After the iddat period is over, you have to marry another man.
  • You and the other man have to live together and consummate the marriage. As per the law, your marriage is considered to be consummated when you have sexual intercourse with your husband.
  • The other man has to divorce you.
  • You have to follow the iddat period after a divorce.
  • After the iddat period is over, you can remarry your husband again.

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December 31, 2023

Hi please may I have advice I was married to a muslim man but I was suffering serious neurological and mental illness he married me in mosque but on 3 different times and divorced me 3 times by mouth now he has left country and I have no contact and because of abuse trauma I wouldn’t want to contact him is there a document to prove my divorce if so how appreciate


March 10, 2024

If I want 2 remarry my ex husband in islaam after 12years while I never got married is it a must in Islamic law for me to get married to another man..and must I have sex wth him before we divorce so tht I cn remarry my ex husband I married 12 years ago

Alka Manral

May 21, 2024

The Shariat Law is silent on the matter/requirement of Halala in Muslim remarriages. But many Muslim scholars do not encourage Halala and rather encourage on having reconciliation and mutual understanding between you and your ex-husband. Since this is your first divorce, you have all the rights to marry your ex-husband, if he wishes to do it too. It would also be wise if you consulted a counselling session with him and understood his side of the idea of remarriage. To navigate the legal issues regarding the marriage, do consult a lawyer who has knowledge on Shariat personal laws.

Abdul bagudu

March 14, 2024

I divorced my wife irrevocably and she is willing to remarry and come back to me.Should I accept her back after that without me playing any role in her divorce?

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