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Empowering every Indian with actionable legal information to help them navigate justice delivery mechanisms across urban and rural India.

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Our Mandate for Change

Our mission is to demystify laws. There are various barriers to making legal information understandable, accessible and actionable. Some pronounced ones are lack of legal awareness, complicated jargon-filled explanations in English, which only 10% of Indians can read. Navigating the system and additional financial burdens make it even more difficult to seek justice or enforce rights and entitlements.

We aim to co-opt technology in a way that legal barriers are bridged and reliable legal knowledge is freely available in English, Hindi and Kannada. We hope to expand to other Indian languages soon.

Legal information is disseminated in simple language to cater to the needs of our diverse audience. Depending on the challenge and audience profile, information is provided in the form of explainers or step by step guides or video/audio format with clear indicators of actions needed to solve legal hurdles. We also provide an avenue for any follow up questions through the Ask Nyaaya section of the website. Our Access to Justice network of district lawyers and law students help users navigate the system till they are able to enforce their rights.

In order to achieve our mission, we are empowering grassroots organizations and community leaders as legal champions, so that they can act as messengers for legal information disseminated in archival and shareable formats.

Our collaborations are mostly with several non-government organizations and civil society organizations. We also work with professionals in various different fields who provide in-depth and relevant information on varied legal topics.

With the help of their review and support, we are building a strong community of informed individuals who know their rights and duties under the laws in India.

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In November 2022, the first cohort of the Samvidhaan Fellowship with seven district-level lawyers in Karnataka began work with Nyaaya’s partner civil society organisations. They create and disseminate actionable, contextual legal information to underserved communities. The goal is to make people aware of their rights and entitlements and assist them in enforcing them.

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Media Mentions

Nyaaya’s campaigns have been featured on multiple national media platforms. Read below to find out more.


The nature and uniqueness of the virus has created an environment of chaos and confusion around it. Lack of knowledge and structured flow of information has led to misinformation and a sense of helplessness among the public. This is a wonderful initiative taken by Nyaaya, as a step towards giving a sense of power back to the people who are currently lost and looking for some direction.

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This has been a great help in understanding the prevailing law and the judicial system. I hope that your guidance will help us in getting justice. Thank you so much.

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You content is making me aware of what can be in done in some very regular and common situations, making me aware of my rights and knowing the path ahead is helping me get rid of my fear of legal things

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Thank you for this fantastic and very useful helpline. I am completely satisfied with the helpline.

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