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Family & Marriage

Find legal explainers on topics related to marriage and divorce, based on the personal laws that govern them and on annulment of marriage.

Money & Property

Find legal explainers related to personal finance and property, such as bank fraud, cheques, rent etc. and the legal remedies available.

Crimes and Violence

Crimes & Violence

Find legal explainers on different kinds of violence such as sexual crimes or those related to property or family and the legal remedies against such abuse.

Police & Courts

Find legal explainers on FIRs, arrests, bail etc. You can find information on issues that you may face while navigating through police and court procedures and their remedies.

Labour & Employment

Find legal explainers on topics related to employment and on issues you may face in your job, and your legal rights, such as on wages, maternity benefit, employment contracts etc.

Health & Environment

Find legal explainers to understand all types of health issues and your related rights, such as on COVID-19, smoking drugs and narcotics etc., as well as on pollution and other environmental laws.