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Furthering the Rights of Good Samaritans

28th December 2023

What Happens Once The Workers Trapped In The Uttarakhand Tunnel Are Rescued?

27th November 2023

Equal Maternity Benefits for All Soldiers in India

17th November 2023

The Supreme Court Issues Directions Against Manual Scavenging

8th November 2023

Live in Couples: Right to Protection in India

6th November 2023

Courts Should Be Inclusive When Dealing with the Rights of People with Disabilities

27th October 2023

Community Arts Network

30th September 2023

Lawyer Vacancy At Nyaaya

30th September 2023

When is it cruelty against the husband?

6th October 2023

Supreme Court Can Dispense with ‘Cooling Period’ In Mutual Consent Divorce

6th October 2023

What are the Rights of Air Passengers?

6th October 2023

Prenuptial Agreements Enforceable or Not

6th October 2023

Medical Negligence Civil and Criminal Liability

6th October 2023

Marriage of a Muslim Minor Girl

6th October 2023

Madras High Court Upholds Equal Property Rights of Home

6th October 2023

Does the Law Help Acid Attack Survivors

6th October 2023

Buying a flat, Your rights as a Consumer

6th October 2023

5 things You Didn't Know About the Hindu Law on Maintenance

9th October 2023

What to Consider When You Are Buying a House or Land

9th October 2023

Understanding Anti-Corruption Laws in India

3rd October 2023

JOB POST: Nyaaya is Hiring for 2 Roles: Kannada Lead & Hindi Lead [Full Time; Bangalore; Delhi]: Apply Now!

29th September 2023

Nyaaya is looking to hire Kannada & Hindi Leads in Karnataka and Bihar respectively

28th September 2023

जानें, भारत के भ्रष्टाचार निरोधक कानून के बारे में| #LawExplainers

23rd August 2023

Explainer: Understanding cruelty laws in domestic violence

15th August 2023

All You Need To Know About Acid Attack Laws In India: Know More

1st June 2023

All You Need To Know About Acid Attack Laws In India

25th May 2023

Karnataka’s housing woes: Affordable homes aren’t for all

16th May 2023

Bangalore Changemakers Come Together to Make Justice More Accessible

7th May 2023

Bangalore Changemakers Come Together to Make Justice More Accessible

6th May 2023

Understanding India's Rape Laws: Consent & Reporting Process

18th April 2023

Legal Position On Marital Rape & Minor Consent In India

15th April 2023

Income Tax Laws: What All Do You Need To Know?

28th February 2023

‘The state is never women, trans, or Dalit-friendly’: Vrinda Grover at Bengaluru forum

12th February 2023

Understanding Consumer Rights In Online & Offline World

24th January 2023

63 lakh cases pending in lower courts due to ‘lack of counsel’, says National Judicial Data Grid

23rd January 2023

What Is Legal Aid And How Can You Avail It ?

3rd January 2023

Inspiring and Liberating: 5 Women Share Their New Year Resolutions

26th December 2022

Blow to Madhya Pradesh’s anti-conversion Law

10th December 2022

What Is Legal Aid and How Can You Avail It?

29th November 2022

AZB Senior Partner Aditya Vikram Bhat to support legal information portal Nyaaya as mentor and donor

27th November 2022

Explainer on the Supreme Court upholding the EWS quota

16th November 2022

Legal Information Made Easy! Know How This Platform Is Making People Aware Of Their Fundamental Rights

13th November 2022

Nyaaya’s Samvidhaan Fellowship 2022-23 Empower Grassroots Lawyers to Access Justice

9th November 2022

Nyaaya Launches The Samvidhaan Fellowship 2022-23 In Karnataka On National Legal Services Day

9th November 2022

Cruelty against husbands under the Indian law

7th November 2022

Inter-Religious Marriages In India: All You Need To Know About Related Laws

27th October 2022

Why court language needs to be simplified

17th October 2022

It is incumbent upon us to try keeping things simple

6th October 2022

Samvidhaan Fellowship 2022-23 by Nyaaya in Karnataka (Offline) [6 Positions; Stipend Rs. 40,000 pm]: Submit by Sept 5

2nd September 2022

Call for Applications: Nyaaya’s Pan-India Network of Legal Volunteers (Virtual): Rolling Submissions

30th August 2022

BW Legal World: Nyaaya, A Digital Resource To Make Legal Information Accessible

22nd August 2022

Nyaaya announces Samvidhaan Fellowship 2022-23 in Karnataka

29th July 2022

1 in every 2 people have encountered hateful content online: Bumble Study

30th June 2022

बम्बल अपने नए इनिशिएटिव की मदद से सेफ्टी के लिए खड़ा है

30th June 2022

Online dating safety: Here’s how Bumble’s digital safety handbook can help

29th June 2022

Interesting findings I Bumble brings back ‘Stand For Safety' initiative in India

28th June 2022

Bumble’s Stand For Safety initiative in India is back for its second edition

28th June 2022

Stand for Safety' With Bumble | Cell Guru

27th June 2022

World No Tobacco Day 2022: A commitment to reframing societal view on harm reduction; based on evidence-based science

1st June 2022

Bar and Bench: Vidhispeaks: Nyaaya’s #Sheincharge campaign

12th March 2022

MojoStory: Vidhi Writes: Take Charge of Your CyberSafety: Report, Restrict, Block!

2nd February 2022

News 18: Marital Rape: How Necessary Discussions Have Turned Into A Cacophony On Social Media

25th January 2022

CSR Mandate: Nyaaya-Empowering Indian Citizens to Access Justice

19th January 2022

Bar and Bench: Vidhi’s Nyaya Launches MyKanoon campaign in collaboration with Instagram to spread awareness among youth

29th December 2021

online RTI

Meta adds new features in Facebook, Instagram for women's safety in India

3rd December 2021

Miss Malini: Instagram Launches Online Safety Campaigns, ‘Safe Stree’ & ‘My Kanoon’ For Young App Users

11th November 2021

Instagram के नये कदम ने जीता यूजर्स का दिल, उन्हें Safe रखने के लिए किए ये काम, जानिए

11th November 2021

Instagram launches two campaigns to help young people be safe online

11th November 2021

Zee Biz: Instagram launches 2 campaigns in India to help youngsters be safe online – Check details

10th November 2021

Indian Express: Instagram launches new campaigns to help young people be safe online

10th November 2021

Financial Express: Instagram unveils new campaigns to help young people be safe online

10th November 2021

Hindu Business Line: Instagram launches ‘Safe Stree’ and ‘My Kanoon’ to help young people be safe online

10th November 2021

Economic Times: Instagram launches two campaigns to help young people be safe online

10th November 2021

Exchange4Media: Instagram unveils two campaigns to help young people be safe online

10th November 2021

Times Of India QnA: Social media not the right place to adopt kids orphaned in pandemic

4th July 2021

Bar and Bench: Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy launches new COVID-19 legal helpline – ‘Ask Nyaaya’

1st July 2021

The News Minute: Bengaluru-based org Nyaaya launches helpline for COVID-19-related legal queries

22nd June 2021

AsiaNet: बिल भरने से लेकर डेड बॉडी लेने तक, कोरोना के दौरान आपके साथ भी हुआ है गलत, तो इस तरह करें शिकायत

20th June 2021

Nav Bharat Times: बिल बकाया होने पर डेड बॉडी को देने से इनकार नहीं कर सकते अस्पताल, जानें कहां कर सकते हैं शिकायत

20th June 2021

B'luru-based firm launches helpline for COVID related legal queries

22nd June 2021

Prabhat Khabar: कोरोना से जुड़े कानूनी नियम और सरकारी राहत की जानकारी चाहते हैं तो आपके लिए है ‘न्याय’, जानें यहां

10th June 2021

Times of India: Citizens can now easily get legal info on Covid queries

10th June 2021

These women entrepreneurs are simplifying the legal world

15th May 2021

Why a lawyer is campaigning for 'plain English' in LLB course

20th February 2021

How a student-run website is making laws easier to understand

14th October 2020

Daan Utsav: Investing For A Better ‘Samaaj’

5th October 2020

Preamble lying on the flag of India

Rights of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes: A Legal Primer

17th April 2020

Your guide to holding a protest in Bengaluru

19th December 2019

Legal-tech startup Leegality raises funding from Mumbai Angels, others

4th June 2019

Meet the Delhi-based bootstrapped startup that wants to be the Uber for legal help

16th May 2019

Driving change towards a citizen centric legal system

2nd November 2018

News 18: All Dog Lovers in India, This is What You Should Know about Keeping Pets and Feeding Strays

10th August 2018

The News Minute SRK killing Shilpa Shetty in ‘Baazigar’: Was it murder? Explaining law through film

4th August 2018

The Mint: Nyaaya A digital guide to a complex justice system

6th April 2018

Section 377: A Law Blown Out Of Proportion

28th August 2017

Still Downloading or Streaming Pirated Content? You Need to Know This About Content Piracy Laws in India!

28th August 2017

The Better India: This Incubator Is Nurturing Small NGOs to Help Them Help Others

25th July 2017

The Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act, 2005 | #LawExplainers

20th June 2017

Someone Is Employing Children In My Neighbourhood. What Can I Do?

20th May 2017

Model anti-begging law: Focus rightly shifts from punishing beggars to rehabilitating them

4th April 2017

In many Indian states and union territories, you can be arrested just for 'looking' poor

4th April 2017

You can be arrested for ‘looking poor’ in most Indian states, Union Territories

1st April 2017

What is the Sexual Harassment Of Women At Workplace Act?

16th March 2017

Brief encounter: Who wins in the case of ‘Jolly LLB 2’ versus authenticity

20th February 2017

Brief encounter: How does ‘Raees’ measure up in legal terms?

2nd February 2017

Hindustan Times: Courting clarity: Desi websites are offering to decode the law for you

27th January 2017

TBI Blogs: Whew! There’s an Online Portal Simplifying Indian Central and State Laws

21st December 2016

Everything You Need To Know About The Ever Changing Rules Of Demonetisation

5th December 2023

YourStory: Rohini Nilekani-backed Nyaaya to make law more accessible to the non-expert via simple interpretation

17th November 2016

Online platform explaining Indian laws launched

5th November 2016

Scroll: Social media not the right place to adopt kids orphaned in pandemic

9th November 2016

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