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Nyaaya is an open access, digital resource that provides simple, actionable, reliable and accessible legal information in multiple formats, helping solve day-to-day legal problems so that citizens are aware of their rights and feel empowered to seek justice.

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Legal Explainers by Theme

Nyaaya’s repository of legal explainers with simple, actionable, reliable and accessible legal information is divided into nine broad themes, so you can easily locate explainers on issues that interest you. Each explainer will help you understand the law that governs that issue and the remedies available to you under that law.

Family & Marriage

Find legal explainers on topics related to marriage and divorce, based on the personal laws that govern them and on annulment of marriage.

Money & Property

Find legal explainers related to personal finance and property, such as bank fraud, cheques, rent etc. and the legal remedies available.

Crimes and Violence

Crimes & Violence

Find legal explainers on different kinds of violence such as sexual crimes or those related to property or family and the legal remedies against such abuse.

Police & Courts

Find legal explainers on FIRs, arrests, bail etc. You can find information on issues that you may face while navigating through police and court procedures and their remedies.

Labour & Employment

Find legal explainers on topics related to employment and on issues you may face in your job, and your legal rights, such as on wages, maternity benefit, employment contracts etc.

Health & Environment

Find legal explainers to understand all types of health issues and your related rights, such as on COVID-19, smoking drugs and narcotics etc., as well as on pollution and other environmental laws.

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Citizen Rights & Constitution

Find legal explainers on topics about individuals collectively taking action about community issues, right to information, right to education, other fundamental rights and the Constitution of India.

Government & Elections

Find legal explainers on the functioning of the government and laws that govern politics, such as voting, campaigning, etc. You can also find information on voting, voter ID and other identification documents.

Media & Intellectual Property

Find legal explainers on topics that are considered relatively controversial and where the media plays a significant role. You can find information on defamation, censorship etc.

Legal Resources by User

Explore Nyaaya’s explainers, guides, videos, sample forms, statewise information from your unique perspective. Identify your user type and you can easily locate content on issues that interest you.



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We provide Simple, Actionable, Reliable, Accessible Legal (SARAL) information so you can solve your legal problems, be aware of your rights under the law, and save time, money & energy.

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We are making accessible, inclusive and solution-centered content in non-text formats so that actionable legal information reaches those in most need of access to justice mechanisms.

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Working with Nyaaya has been an excellent experience - it's rare to find partners who invest deeply in collaborative approaches, to achieve common goals. The Nyaaya glossary has generated a lot of interest through our social media channels - which demonstrates how relevant and easy to understand the content is. We are looking forward to many more opportunities to partner with Nyaaya in the future!

Antaraa Vasudev

I see the twitter posts as essential reading in a social media structure that is challenged by fake news. The law is typically seen as extremely unfriendly and complicated - so to have it explained in plain English is a huge benefit.

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A website well managed, resourceful and a distinguished step taken.
Thank you.

Monalisha Ghosh

Hi, I recently came to know about this website and honestly speaking I am elated to know that we have an one stop website for laws.

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