Divorce for Muslims is more easily exercisable than some other religions, as marriage is a contract under Islam. If you are a Muslim, you have the option of divorcing your spouse through the court or simply settling it with your spouse. You do not have to show that your spouse wronged you to be able to initiate divorce proceedings, unlike in other religions.

Divorce for Muslims

This explainer discusses the customary laws and practices governing divorce for Muslim marriage and the conditions under which a spouse can file for the same. It primarily deals with the law laid out in Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act,1939 and customary laws.


Can I file for divorce if my husband is mentally ill under Muslim law?

Can I go to Court for divorce under Muslim law if my husband has a venereal disease or leprosy?

I am a Muslim man and my wife filed a divorce case against me stating that I am impotent. This in fact is untrue. She has already obtained a decree from Court so what can I do?

My husband keeps abusing me regularly, can I file for divorce under the ground of cruelty under Muslim law?

Can I divorce my wife by saying talaq, talaq, talaq at once under Muslim law?

If I want to divorce my wife who is past her menstrual age then do I still follow the rules of tuhr and iddat under Muslim law?

What is talaq under Muslim law?