What are the punishments for unlawful associations and activities?

Last updated on Jun 16, 2022

Crime Punishment
Committing, aiding, or instigating unlawful activities Jail time up to seven years and a fine1.
Being a member of an unlawful association, participating in its meetings, contributing to it or assisting it Jail time up to two years and a fine2.
Assisting any unlawful activity of an unlawful association Jail time up to five years and/or a fine1.
Continuing to be a member of an unlawful association or voluntarily supporting it while having any unlicensed firearms, ammunition, explosive or substance capable of mass destruction, and doing an action that causes loss of human life or serious injury to any person or property If the act leads to a person’s death –  Punishable with death or life imprisonment, and a fine.In any other case – Punishable with jail time between five years and life imprisonment, along with a fine2.
Dealing with the funds of an unlawful association after the Government has prohibited it Jail time up to three years and/or a fine3.
Violating Government orders and:

  • Using an object meant for unlawful associations; or
  • Knowingly and intentionally entering a place used for unlawful associations


Jail time up to one year and a fine4.
  1. Section 13, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.[][]
  2.  Section 10, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.[][]
  3.  Section 11, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.[]
  4. Section 12, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.[]

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