Updating PAN Card

Last updated on Jun 15, 2022

You may make an application for updating changes/corrections in existing PAN Card details. When you apply for updating of details, you will receive a newly issued PAN Card which will bear the same PAN Number but with updated information.

The process for applying for a change/correction of PAN Card data is more or less the same as the application process for allotment of new PAN Number.

Step 1: For an applicant who has already obtained a PAN Number and wishes to obtain a new PAN Card or make changes/corrections in the existing PAN data, download the form here. The form is also available at any TIN-FC or PAN Centre of NSDL. The same form is applicable for both Indian citizens as well as non-citizens. Select appropriate check boxes in front of the relevant field (i.e., name, father’s name, date of birth) to update details.

Step 2: You will have to submit the form and the supporting documents at any such centre, with the required fee. The documents to be submitted along with the application are:

  • Proof of Identity, Address and Date of Birth
  • Proof of PAN Number (copy of existing PAN Card, or PAN allotment letter)
  • Proof for Change Requested to support change in PAN Card data

The consolidated list of documents and the applicable charges can be found here.

Step 3: The application request is forwarded to the ITD(Income Tax Department) for update of the database and upon confirmation, a new PAN Card is printed and dispatched to the applicant.

If you require any additional help and support, please see here.

Read this government resource to know more

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