Punishment for Noise Pollution

Last updated on Aug 24, 2022

Causing noise pollution is a punishable offence under the law. The punishment is:

Causing Public Nuisance

Creating noise is considered to be a public nuisance when you cause any injury, danger or annoyance to the public1. For example, if your neighbour plays a sound system at midnight very loudly, then this is a public nuisance.

The punishment for such nuisance is a fine up to Rs. 200.2 If you continue to make noise even after the Court directs you to stop the noise, the punishment is jail time up to 6 months along with a fine.3.

Causing Environmental Pollution

Since noise pollution causes significant harm to the environment and surroundings, it is taken seriously under the law. For example, if the construction noise of a building is making it hard for you to live, then this is a form of noise pollution.

The punishment for this offence is jail time up to five years and/or a fine up to Rs. 1 Lakh.4

If the noise pollution continues, then you may be punished with an additional fine of Rs. 5000 for every day the pollution happens. If the noise continues for more than a year despite orders to stop it, then you may be punished with jail time up to 7 years.5

You have a right to complain about noise pollution and the authorities will take action against the responsible persons.

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अभिषेक कुमार केशरी

November 6, 2022

में अभिषेक कुमार में सब्जी मंडी वार्ड न 18 भभुआ जिला कैमूर का निवासी हु मेरे घर के बगल में आटा चक्की का मिल है वो रोज रात को करीब 9 बजे से 4 बजे भोर तक मसीन चलाकर ध्वनि प्रदूषण करता है
मना करने पर वो मारने पीटने की ओर जान से मारने की धमकी देता है
अतः आप श्री मान से नम्र निवेदिन है कि इसपर रोक लगाने की कृप्या प्रदान करे
पता है
भभुआ कैमूर जिला
सब्जी मंडी वॉर्ड न 18
मिल का नाम केशरी आटा चक्की मिल
प्रो ,, डोमा प्रसाद केशरी
पिता स्वर्गीय सरजू प्रसाद केशरी


November 11, 2022

हमसे जुड़ने के लिए धन्वयाद। न्याया आपके लिए कंप्लेंट फाइल नहीं कर सकता। लेकिन यदि आप चाहेें तोह आप एक्सप्लेनेर में दिए गए ज़रियों से अपनी कंप्लेंट फाइल कर सकते हैं जैसे की पुलिस से कंप्लेंट करके।


February 7, 2024

Actually, even after 10 pm in my village, the noise of the mosque does not stop, I do not know what to do? Also I don’t want to reveal my personal details to complain about this. You are kindly requested to plz tell me how to complain about this Unbearably Loud Noise coming from the Mosque in My Small Village in Nagaur district, state of Rajasthan, so that we can sleep peacefully at least during the night, Ma’am/Sir.

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