Noise can disturb our work, rest, sleep, and communication. It is an environment pollutant that can damage our hearing and cause other psychological, and possibly pathological reactions.

Noise Pollution

This explainer discusses the law on noise pollution in India and help you understand what steps you can take to complain if you feel any noise is inconveniencing you. It primarily deals with the law laid out in the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000.


What is the punishment for noise pollution?

Is it noise pollution if I burst firecrackers at night?

Is noise monitored by the Government in India?

How do I know that the noise I am making is causing noise pollution?

Is it noise pollution if I use my car horn too much?

If I play music very loudly in my car while driving, will I get in trouble for noise pollution?

If the police have stopped me from using loud speakers for my event, who can I complain to?

Are temples or mosques allowed to play loud speakers for prayers in the name of religion?

Do factories and industries cause noise pollution?

Can I file a case if my neighbour speaks loudly over the phone or plays loud music everyday?

What can you do if the police is unresponsive after you have filed a noise complaint?

How are noise limits measured? What does *dB(A) Leq mean?

Are there any noise limits for generators?

What will happen if I file a complaint for noise pollution?

If I have the right to give a speech under the law, is it noise pollution?