Lease Agreement

Last updated on Jun 7, 2022

A lease deed/agreement is the most common form of agreement used in many cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. It is also commonly referred to as ‘Rent Agreement’.

Rights Under a Rent Agreement

As a tenant, if you have signed a lease deed with your landlord, you have certain rights that you would not have in case of a leave and license agreement, such as:

Interest in Property

You have a right over the property in terms of its occupation and use since you are paying rent.

Right to Possession

You get exclusive possession to occupy the house being rented to you. This means that if the landlord has rented you a house or space, he cannot use the space assigned to you. It is for your exclusive use for the duration of your lease.

Protection from Eviction

The landlord cannot unilaterally end or shorten the duration of your lease without providing proper legal justification. You have certain protections available against eviction.

Please refer to this checklist to ensure you have all the essential points covered in your agreement.

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