Renting a house is a contractual relationship. It can be done through a Lease Agreement or through a Leave and License Agreement.


This explainer discusses renting through lease agreements or through a leave and license agreement. It primarily deals with the law laid out in the Rent Control Act provisions of three states namely – Delhi, Karnataka and Mumbai.


Someone apart from the owner of the property is signing my rent agreement. Is this legal?

What is Police Verification with respect to renting an accommodation?

Is it compulsory to get the lease deed registered?

Why is it important to get rent receipts from the landlord?

Are online transfer receipts proof of payment of rent?

If I want to use my rented premises to start a business, do I have to inform my landlord?

I am going to travel for 3 months. Can I sublet my rented apartment to someone else for those 3 months?

What will happen if I do not give my landlord notice before leaving the rented house?

The property I want to rent is jointly owned by 2 people. Do both of them have to be present at the sub-registrar or registrar’s office during registration?

Is the responsibility of doing repairs in the rented house solely mine or only the landlord’s/licensor’s?

What is the purpose of having receipts and copies of all the renting documents?

Can the landlord increase my rent?

During the police verification process done by a landlord, while I am renting a house, can the police come search my house?

Is it possible to use e-signatures/digital signatures to enter into a rent agreement?

What to do if tenants evicted without giving rent

Tenant refusing to vacant house even giving notice