Steps for Negotiation with Landlord

Last updated on Jun 7, 2022

Steps to Take for Negotiation with Landlord

Ask for Identity Proof

You can ask the landlord/licensor for identity proof so that you can confirm that the landlord is the owner of the house or has the permission of the owner to rent the property. The purpose of asking for identity proof is to check whether the person is who they claim to be. Some of the most common identity cards used are Aadhaar card, Driving License etc. The ID card must have the picture as well as the permanent address.

Negotiate Rent and Security Deposit

Negotiate the rent and security amount with him and try to ask for the receipts for both. In some cases, the brokers can be very helpful while trying to negotiate the rent, so you can also request him to accompany you during the rent negotiations.

Negotiate Requirements in the House

While inspecting the house if you have come across any changes or additions to be made, you should tell your landlord before signing the contract. It is helpful to do it before as you will know whether the landlord is open to negotiations for the requirements you want and to assess whether you are getting your house for the best price. Make a list of repairs and installations so that your landlord can look into them.

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