Getting Identification Proof (ID Proof)

Last updated on Jun 15, 2022

In India, getting proof of identification is of paramount importance since an ID proof contains your personal details, which are useful for authorities to determine and verify your identity. ID proofs serve various purposes including:

  • Government Benefits: ID proofs, such as Ration Cards, enable you to apply for and receive government benefits, such as food at subsidized prices, etc.
  • Proof of Age and Proof of Residence: Various ID proofs serve as proof of address and proof of age, required for day-to-day activities. For instance, a PAN Card can be used for  opening a bank account. 
  • Photo Identity: Various ID proofs serve as a proof of photo identity. For example, when you enter an airport, you need to give a photo identity card, such as your Driving License which helps cross-check your picture.
  • Utilizing Government Services: ID proofs also allow you to enjoy certain things, like driving a car, riding a motorcycle, etc. For example, a Passport allows you to travel internationally.

You should try to get at least one proof of identification, as it will simplify the process of getting other ID proofs. Please note that there is no proof of citizenship in India. Your identification proofs and documents are only used as a proof for authenticating and verifying who you are.

Types of ID Proofs

The Government of India issues multiple identification documents. The most commonly used identification cards/documents are:

For a full list of documents accepted as proof of identification, see here.

Read this government resource to know more

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