Filing Tax Returns

Last updated on Jun 2, 2022

Filing tax returns is a detailed and long-drawn process. Some legal aspects to keep in mind are:

Step 1:

Initially, for filing an Income Tax Return (ITR), you need to find out what category of taxpayer you are. This involves calculating your taxable income based on standard tax rates. There may also be certain tax deductions that you can avail to reduce your tax liability.

Step 2:

When it comes to actually filing tax returns, you must most importantly ensure that you submit your returns within the specified dates/timeline by selecting the correct ITR Form that is applicable to you.

Step 3:

There are various ways in which your ITR can be filed i.e., physically or electronically, and each filing option comes with a different procedure. Even within electronic filing, you have the offline and online options. Irrespective of how you file your ITR, you will have to verify it upon submission. Sometimes, you might have to correct certain details in your ITR Form, or claim a refund if you have paid excess tax.

Step 4:

Accurate information and filing on time is essential while filing taxes. If you violate any laws related to income tax, you can be punished. Hence, if you are doubtful about any aspect of filing returns, it is advisable to seek help by contacting the income tax authorities.

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