Complaining Against Ragging

Last updated on Apr 8, 2022

For ragging, you can complain to the college authorities, the national helpline or the police. Please note that another person can also complain on your behalf.(( Section 6.2 (g), the UGC Regulations On Curbing The Menace Of Ragging In Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.)) You can complain to the following authorities:

National Anti-Ragging Helpline

The University Grants Commission has set up(( a helpline number and email address that you can reach out to, in case you are being ragged. The helpline number is 1800 – 180 – 5522, and the email address is 

Online Complaint 

The University Grants Commission has set up a web portal where you can lodge an online complaint. To lodge a complaint, go here, where you will be asked to give certain details, like your name, the college, the details of the incident, etc. Try to give as much detail as you can.  You can also track your complaint here by clicking on “Track Complaint”.

Anti-Ragging Squad 

You can lodge a complaint with your college’s Anti-Ragging Squad. The Squad will investigate(( Section 9.1 (a), the UGC Regulations On Curbing The Menace Of Ragging In Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.)) the complaint, determine the nature of the case and its severity, and give its recommendations to the Anti-Ragging Committee. The Committee will then punish the students responsible for ragging.(( Section 9.1, the UGC Regulations On Curbing The Menace Of Ragging In Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.))

Please note that you can also approach any member of the faculty or the Head of the college to complain about ragging as well.(( Section 9.3, the UGC Regulations On Curbing The Menace Of Ragging In Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.))


In case of a serious case of ragging, you can complain to the police, and file an FIR against the student(s) responsible for ragging you. In such a case, the police will investigate the matter, and take required steps to punish the students responsible for ragging.

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December 2, 2022

Sir gangu ramesh 6305290144 from srikakulam district working in collabgenics hyd rag me physically and mentally I go into depression stopped my studies become patient low BP from 4 years inform to higher authority to take severe action no action taken save me I became  patient low BP severe tension crying day and night 

yusuf Qureshi

June 23, 2023

A Girl Abused me On Social Media And Due to The Frustration of Her abusing me a heated conversation broke out she deleted her Abusive Comments and Took Screenshot of Mine And Now Posted it somewhere on A page of legal authorities and Now she is Harassing me by saying “Some Strict actions will be taken on you” kindly insist me that what I must do

Ramesh gangu

July 4, 2023

I am in the hospital my parents are very fearful and become patients and become my mother become very and healthy I lost my future in drop from studies I don’t know anybody I know you only sir I trust you please take various the text in the culprit I know you so I want your help please forward this message to the higher officials to take very urgent action the bloody fool I will meet you later compulsory letter please understand my situation and help me how many for the

Gangi ramesh culprit
63052 90144
Told high court judge Cant take hair piece on head as he has political background
I will try to meet u but he found that I complain complainu blackmail my parents that he can do anything as a complain you I will meet you compulsory sir but now please understand my situation I already mail you before many times but no response please take very severe urgent accident that bloody fool don’t leave that bloody fools please do justice to me where is the justice what are you doing sir I like your son please help me at rest you sir please send me I will meet you compulsory letter secretly give me some time no inform to the higher management to take very urgent the bloody fool please send me

He told that even can’t take hair piece take severe action Madam gangu ramesh 6305290144 form srikakulam district work in I don’t know company hyderabad rag me physically and mentally and touching me and behaving badly with me using vulgar gender differences words I stop my studies go into depression crying from 4years stop my studies, become patient my parents crying day and night inform to higher management he is black mailing my parents crying don’t leave save me already complain no response the victim commit to suicide some one stop inform to higher management of hyderabad to take severe action he told that nobody can’t do anything to him as he has political background don’t leave savehe told that even cannot take hair piece on head as he has background


January 15, 2024

My teacher hurt me with a stick but our parents are no worry about that what i can do

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