Ragging is any physical, verbal or mental abuse committed by one student against another student belonging to an educational institute.


This explainer discusses the laws related to ragging in institutions of higher studies, like colleges and universities. It primarily deals with the law laid out in the UGC Regulations On Curbing The Menace Of Ragging In Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.


Can I be punished for abetment to suicide if I ragged a student and he tried to commit suicide?

What can I do when there is no Anti-Ragging Squad or other authorities, or if these authorities are not helping?

Can I complain against ragging on my friend’s behalf?

Is ragging for fun a crime?

Can women be punished for ragging?

I was sexually harassed while being ragged. What can I do?

Will I get in trouble if I help someone rag?

Can a fresher get in trouble for ragging?

What is the role of the Head of the institution with respect to a complaint of ragging?

If I rag someone without causing any physical injury, is that also ragging?

Does the law protect transgender students from ragging?

What can I do if I am being blackmailed against filing a complaint for ragging?

If a college does not take measures to prevent ragging, what measures can be taken against it?

Can a child, who is less that 18 years of age, be punished for ragging?

I was ragged, and I reported it to a teacher, but he did not take any further action. Can the teacher be punished?