Mar 7, 2024

Music Launch of Namma Nade Nyaayada Kade – Songs of Justice


We are excited to celebrate the launch of Namma Nade Nyaayada Kade – our songs of justice series, composed by MD Pallavi and with lyrics by Mamta Sagar. The launch was part of our Nyaaya Habba, on March 7th, 2024, where MD Pallavi performed the songs in her inimitable style.

Performance by Pallavi MD

Each of the three songs talks about a different legal issue, delivering a message of empowerment and awareness. Listen to all three songs here

Song on Domestic Violence

Women who make a house a home with all their love and care also deserve to prioritize their self-respect. Women facing violence can approach the police, complain, seek medical aid, secure the custody of their child and put an end to abuse. There’s a call for action to not tolerate abuse and violence in silence and raise your voice against it. Sing this song and spread the word!

Song on Child Marriage

Let children cherish their childhood irrespective of their gender. Don’t crush their dreams by getting them married in their childhood. Everyone involved in getting a child married before the legally permissible age can be punished under the law with imprisonment and fine. The song is a reminder to let children prosper and shape a bright future for themselves.

Song on Right to Education

Education provides children with the opportunity to play, laugh and learn and opens new doors for a brighter future. It empowers children to understand and uphold the constitutional values of Justice, Equality, Freedom and Brotherhood and to cherish Unity in Diversity. The song also mentions how law has guaranteed free education, reservations for the disadvantaged and disabled It has prohibited child labour and made corporal punishment punishable under the RTE Act.


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