Who are the witnesses required during a Muslim marriage?

Last updated on Apr 8, 2022

The marriage has to take place in the presence of:

  • Two male witnesses or 
  • One male and two female witnesses. 


These witnesses must be Muslims, adults and of sound mind. The Sunni School of Muslim law specifically requires two witnesses to present while the Shia School of Law does not require the presence of a witness in any matter regarding marriage.(( Mulla, D. F., Sir. (n.d.). Principles of Mahomedan Law (20th ed.) p.332.)) 

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Aadam Judas Phiri

August 20, 2023

What is really the rationale for having two women as witnesses


September 17, 2023

Is it valid if there is one male and one female witness in nikkah?

Meena Hussain

January 22, 2024

Can a Sunni Muslim have Shia Muslim as their nikkah witnesses

Alka Manral

May 30, 2024

Under the Sunni Law, the proposal and acceptance of Nikah must be made in the presence of two males or one male and two female witnesses who are sane, adult, and Muslim. Muslim here includes both Shias and Sunnis and thus even a shia Muslim is eligible to be a witness in Sunni nikkah.

Shakil shaikh

January 29, 2024

If there is only one witchness, then also marriage is valid or not?

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