Reporting a Crime/Atrocity

Last updated on Jun 14, 2022

If a crime has been committed against you owing to your identity as member of the Scheduled castes or scheduled tribes, you can approach any of these places to get immediate relief: 


You can either call 100 or visit a police station to report the incident. The police will note down your details and if needed arrive at your location to provide you immediate help. They will write down your information and details of the incident in an FIR and provide you with a copy of it, free of cost. 

National Commission for Scheduled Castes 

The National Commission for Scheduled Castes is a body set up under the Constitution to investigate and monitor the interests of the Scheduled Castes. They also have the power to inquire into specific complaints in cases where members of Scheduled Castes are deprived of their rights. You can either call their toll free helpline or visit their website for more information.  

Toll Free Number: 1800 1800 345



Contact details of State Commissions: 

National Commission for Scheduled Tribes

Like the NCSC, there exists a National Commission for Scheduled Tribes as well. They have the power to investigate into complaints registered for atrocities committed against the members of Scheduled Tribes. 


Contact information for the National Commission as well as its regional offices can be found here:

SC/ST Protection Cell 

SC/ST Protection Cells have been set up in different States and Union Territories across India. The head of these cells is usually a high ranking police officer of the State or UT, like the Inspector General of police or the Additional Director General of Police. If you want to approach such a cell in your state, take the help of the nearest police station.

Manual Scavengers

If you are being forced to work as a manual scavenger or know someone who is being forced, please complain to the police or the National Commission for Safai Karamcharis. Please know that the practice of manual scavenging is prohibited under law. For more information please read this

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