Political Advertisements

Last updated on May 28, 2024

Advertising which is in the nature of political propaganda or pursues a political agenda, is known as political advertising. Political advertising is allowed, but regulated by the MCC. If political parties or candidates misuse advertisements to further their prospects in the elections, they are violating the MCC. The MCC prohibits candidates and political parties from doing the following:

  • Putting up advertisements that contain any abusive language.
  • Putting up advertisements or political arguments which target the personal lives of politicians. Criticizing political parties of their past work is allowed, but parties have to refrain from criticizing the aspects of a candidate’s personal life which is not connected with their political activities.
  • Using public exchequer to issue advertisements regarding a coverage of their political rally or political achievements.

The following are the ways by which political parties give out advertisements1:

  1. Part 1, General Conduct, Model Code of Conduct. []

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