Ending a marriage under Hindu Marriage Law

Last updated on Apr 8, 2022

The law on marriage recognizes emotional and marital needs; this includes many legal obligations such as owning property, taking care of your children, etc. When you end your marriage, the marital relationship comes to an end. Some legal obligations may continue to exist.

Marital Relationship

The law understands a marital relationship to include:

  • Emotional Support
  • Sexual Relationship
  • Children and Domestic Responsibilities
  • Financial Support

Legal Obligations

You and your spouse have certain legal obligations throughout your marriage. Some of these obligations may continue even after a divorce takes place.

Examples of these legal obligations are:

Alimony or Maintenance

  • The Court may sometimes ask you to pay money to your spouse and this is a legal obligation you will have to incur after divorce. This is known as maintenance.

Parental Responsibility

  • The Court may decide who will have custody of your children and how to take care of them financially.

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