Architects are generally not allowed to advertise their professional services or let their names be included in any advertisements or forms of publicity, except in certain cases.

Duties of an Architect

Last updated on Jun 21, 2022

Architects have several duties by which they have to practice their profession. This includes maintaining etiquette, following architectural guidelines for buildings etc.

General Duties of an Architect

  • Provide the employees and associates with a suitable working environment, compensate them fairly and facilitate their professional development.1
  • Every partner shall ensure that when an architect enters into a partnership agreement with one or more architects, the firm also complies with the provisions of the sub-regulation.2
  • Ensure that their professional activities do not conflict with their general responsibility to contribute to the quality of the environment and future welfare of society.3
  • Compete fairly4 and maintain a high standard of integrity.5

Architect’s duties towards clients

  • Inform the client of the conditions of engagement and scale of charges, and agree that these conditions shall be the basis of the appointment.6
  • Not give or take discounts, commissions, gifts or other inducements for the introduction of clients or of work.7
  • Act with fairness and impartiality when administering a building contract.8

Architect’s duties towards the profession

Some of the architect’s duties to the profession are not to:

  • Sub-commission an architect’s work to another architect. However, this can happen if the client agrees to it.9
  • Attempt to supercede or replace another architect.10
  • Attempt to obtain, offer to undertake or accept a commission for which they know another architect has been selected or employed, until they have evidence that the selection, employment or agreement has been terminated. Additionally, they have to give the previous architect written notice.11
  • Advertise professional services. An architect should not allow their name to be included in advertisements or used for other publicity.12
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