Last updated on Jun 1, 2022

This post gives information about the helplines and shelter homes for victims of violence in Manipur.


Helplines and Shelter Homes

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Is the procedure for Christian Marriage the same throughout India?

The Indian Christian Marriage law is applicable throughout India except in the states of Travancore-Cochin and Manipur. 

What are the rights a person has under this law?

Survivors of acid attacks have the right to seek medical treatment, right to file a complaint and right to compensation.
Crimes and Violence

Special Powers of the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (AFSPA) grants certain ‘special powers’ to the members of the armed forces in disturbed areas.

Eligibility for Legal Aid

If you want legal aid, you will need to go to a legal service authority. Once you approach the authority, they will check whether you are eligible for legal aid and the genuineness of your case.

Payment for filing writ petitions

In the Supreme Court, for writ petitions except for habeas corpus, the court fee is Rs. 500. For petitions filed for criminal cases, there is no fee. Whereas the court fee varies for different High Courts.
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