According to the India Justice Report 2020, Maharashtra performed the best with respect to legal aid rankings in India.

Legal Services

Last updated on Apr 8, 2022

If you are looking for legal aid in India, then this includes a lot of legal services.(( Section 2(c), Legal Services Authority Act, 1987.)) Legal services are1 any service with respect to a case or any other legal proceeding before any Court, authority or tribunal. Getting legal advice is also a part of legal service. 


To get legal aid, you will have to approach a Legal Service Authority to whom you can ask for help for your situation.  You have a right to ask for any of the legal services given below(( FAQs, National Legal Service Authority,; Nature Of Free Legal Services, National Legal Service Authority,

  • Representation by a lawyer in legal proceedings. 
  • Payment of all costs including process fees, expenses of witnesses and all other charges payable or incurred in connection with any legal proceedings. 
  • Preparation of memo of appeal, paper book including printing and translation of documents in legal proceedings.
  • Drafting of legal documents, special leave petitions etc.
  • Supply of certified copies of judgments, orders, notes of evidence and other documents in legal proceedings.
  1. Section 2(c), Legal Services Authority Act, 1987. []

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How to Apply for Legal Aid?

While applying for legal aid, you will require at least proof of identification and an affidavit proving you are eligible for legal aid.

Guide on Applying for Legal Aid

The Nyaaya Guide on Applying for Legal Aid helps citizens understand how to obtain legal services free-of-cost from Legal Services Authorities in India.

What is Free Legal Aid?

Free legal aid means providing legal services, free of cost, to certain sections of the society like a beggar, differently-abled person, etc., as and when required. This does not mean that anyone can go and ask for legal aid. You have to be eligible to apply for it.

Eligibility for Legal Aid

If you want legal aid, you will need to go to a legal service authority. Once you approach the authority, they will check whether you are eligible for legal aid and the genuineness of your case.

Denial/Withdrawal of Legal Aid Services

After you fill out your application for legal aid, it can be denied or accepted. It can also be withdrawn at a later stage after the application has been accepted and legal aid has been provided.

Where do you go for Legal Aid

You can approach the State Legal Services Authorities, District Legal Services Authorities, Supreme Court Legal Services Committees and the High Court Legal Services Committees for applying for legal aid.