Filing a complaint for Online Bank Fraud

Last updated on Jun 7, 2022

Police Station

When you go to the police station to complain about online bank fraud, they will ask you to file an FIR. You should make sure you give all the information you know about the online fraud that happened to you.

Online Complaint

Besides filing an FIR with the cyber crime cell of a police station, you can also file an online complaint on the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Online Crime Reporting Portal. Register a complaint by providing detailed information about the incident. You can also choose to upload files, like screenshots of the e-mails or messages you received regarding fraudulent transactions.

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Mohd Jafor ali mollah

August 13, 2022

Dear Sir,

Advocate Mr Shameem Ur Rahmaan whose visiting card is enclosed, promise me to file on case in Delhi High Court and I have give on 05 Aug 2022 Rs. 10000 as below bank details.
He has taken money through Bank account Transfer for filing my case in Delhi high court, but he has not done it and now not refund my money and not picking up my phnoe. Online line money transfer to his collegue account no. 34416866374 IFCI code : SBIN0004457, Name Aaftaab Khan.

Their phone numbers are: 9650628080 and 9717387076.

Please do the needful as soon as possible.

Mohd Jafor Ali Mollah
Mob no 8779548144
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August 18, 2022

You may refer to our explainer Complaining against an advocate to file a complaint.

Kim Ngaih Huai

September 21, 2023

My business bank account is on hold, I could not use my current bank anymore….Yes Bank, Vikaspuri, New Delhi. The Hold amount amount is unbelievable, it is too much amount. The hold amount is Rs.100000000, I will never have that much amount, and I never have done any transactions with that much amount. It means some one trying to scam my money.
What shall I do? Please give me any suggestions.

Smita Saha

December 13, 2023

PNB -Banke fourd my A/C- 6920001700013454,.Date -07-11-2023 Rs- 5000 S.B.I -Banke fourad Date 07-12-2023 -2116my A/C- 40572275158


August 14, 2022

Recently my Credit card was scammed for Rs 20000
on 9th April 2022. After a lot of thought I think I can trace out the Criminals.But the police station where I have given three written complaints and filed FIR have not given me proper cooperation.The result is the hackers are after me again.I do not want to let these criminals go Scot free.


August 22, 2022

A fraudulent card transaction is an unauthorized transaction that is carried out with your credit card. The thief either physically steals your credit card, or steals your card information via phishing or credit card skimming and uses it to make payments, or withdraw cash.
In such matters, the complainant alleges that some unknown person had withdrawn money/ made transactions through his/her credit/debit cards through online purchasing. In most of these cases purchasing is done by using the following crucial information of the credit/debit card :

1. The 16 Digit Credit/Debit Card Number
2. The validity of the Credit/Debit card
3. The 3-digit confidential Card Verification Value (CW) or the One-Time-Password (OTP) sent on the registered mobile number of the Debit Card holder.

While it may be that the Card Number and the validity of the card is made available to the fraudsters through insider in the bank, the OTP is procured by them by deceiving the account holder to share the OTP on the pretext that it is required for account verification, etc.
1. Collect Bank statements for the last six months from the concerned bank.
2. Make a copy of SMSs received related to the alleged transactions.
3. Take a copy of your ID proof and address proof as shown in the bank records.
4. Lodge a complaint in your nearest Police Station explaining the complete incidence along with the above documents.

If a particular police station is not cooperating;

Approach the Superintendent of Police (SP) – You should make a complaint in writing, and send it to the SP of your district, by post. The SP will consider your complaint, and if he feels that your complaint reports a cognizable offence, he will direct the police to investigate your case or investigate it himself.

Approach the Metropolitan/Judicial Magistrate – With the help of a lawyer, you can make a “private complaint” in writing to the Metropolitan/Judicial Magistrate. The Magistrate will look into the complaint and may order the police to take necessary action. You should take this step only after approaching the police.

Go to Another Police Station – The law has provided the facility for Zero FIR, where you may go to any police station, close to you, and file an FIR. The police have to file your complaint, and then transfer it to the police station in whose jurisdiction the offence was committed.

Approach Other Forums – You can approach the National/State Human Rights Commission or National/State Women’s Commission to file a complaint. These forums have the power to investigate the case, and assist you in filing a complaint to the police.

File a Writ Petition in the High Court – With the help of a lawyer, you may also file a writ petition in the High Court of your state if the police officer refuses to take action or file your complaint. This will oblige the police officer(s) to show cause or reasons for not filing your complaint.

Informal Remedies – In addition to the remedies covered, you can also take the help of a lawyer or a friend or a relative, to file a complaint on your behalf.

Navaaz Cooper

August 31, 2022

Can i file an online complaint for a tutor from Urban Pro who has duped me of Rs 30,000 and not provided the service. The tutor has also harassed me at unusual times by texting me and sending me unnecessary emails. After providing me around 6 lectures he is telling me my account is in deficit. He also alleged me that i am mental without even knowing who I am. This person claims to be a chartered accountant as well and a fraud person cannot practice as a chartered accountant. It is illegal.


September 1, 2022

Yes, you can.


September 4, 2022

Recently, I got a message on whatsapp for part time work and it redirected to a link I.e, Asked me to register in the link and I have created an ID in it, later on they assigned a series of tasks and after completion of these tasks they mentioned I can withdraw my amount, in between i can’t withdraw my amount, which includes adding of money to my ID and placing some order based on the order, I will get commission, I have added money around 5 lakhs and completed the tasks, now they are refusing to withdraw my money and asking to add another 3 lakhs. I have reported the issue to bank, they asking me to file an FIR. Can police file FIR on this?


September 5, 2022

Yes, the police can file an FIR. You can use the procedure mentioned here to file the FIR.


September 4, 2022

Dear Sir
my account of bob valsad gujrat sarigam branch my amt 10000 mobile scammed & 10000 loss then i am
complain submit on 24-6-22 online or offline but till time no any refund


September 5, 2022

You should follow-up with the complaint.

Rituraj Saikia

July 1, 2023

A online fraud transaction will be held on 26/06/2034 from my PNB bank account through my debit card amount of 9500.00.
I immediately complain to Bank authority, Cyber Crime helpline. But no resolution they didn’t get till date. What to do now?

Pahadsinh Rana

September 14, 2022

One IMPS fraud of Rs.5000/- initiated in my BOB bank account, I have immediately file a complain to BOB branch, BOB booked my complain but after 5 days bank manager mailed me and asked me to submit FIR copy for IMPS fraud initiated.

So for Rs.5000/- IMPS fraud required to file FIR by customer. Please guide me.


September 21, 2022

The moment you come to know that a suspicious transaction has been done on your credit/debit card, inform the card issuer immediately. One should lodge a formal complaint with the bank and ideally call up the customer care number to block the card or the account immediately.

If a fraud relates to net banking, ATM transactions, or any other online transaction you have to raise a complaint.
Once the card issuer or the bank has been informed about the fraudulent transaction, one should file a written compliant with the nearest police station. An FIR has to be filed in the local police station only. In case police refuses to file an FIR, the court can be approached under section 156(3) of the Cr PC.
If the police ask you to go to the Cyber Cell to file the complaint? You do not need to approach the cyber cell. You can file an FIR in the local police station itself. The cases are forwarded by the police stations to the Cyber Cell.

Amit Roy

June 17, 2023

Respected sir,
I beg to state that myself, Amit Roy, a PhD student of NDRI, Kalyani, West Bengal, India lost my money on 13-06-2023 by falling under a trap of frauds. I wanted to sell an item ( computer accessory namely WD blue SSD 250 GB) of cost Rs.3000 through OLX. After i have uploaded the photos of that said item and put the description for sell, a few moments later a group of frauds from OLX have contacted with me from the phone nos- 7501938109 and 6309125187. They brainwashed me and sent me QR codes and told and convinced me to send a particular amount of money from time to time (saying that “amount” as “code”, not as “money”). They were saying that by sending this to their different respective codes from time to time, transaction to my account will be done and I will gr back the selling price of the money and they will send a servant to pick item from my place. I didn’t agree and was saying again and again to send them the servant to pick my item up and only then i will receive the selling price offline, but they were brainwashing me and forced me again and again that this is not the first time they are doing thia online, many times the they deal like this with the seller.(Previously, the person who contacted with me, his name was Santosh Kumar and he is saying that he is from Kalyani, West only and he has OLX shop and business in Kalyani only).Lots of times i didn’t agree to do the same as per their direction. But afterwards, they brainwashed me and i।was also thinking that may be ‘thats the way’ or ‘no problem at all’ if I do this. But even after doing this, I didn’t receive any price of the selling item and my money gts lost. They are also threatening me to pay them much amount of their required dues. Now, i am feeling devastated and frustrated. I have lost about Rs. 54,000 to 55,000. Sir, I am from a very poor family and warm my livelihood and give some amount to my family from the stipend which i get. I have no idea now and totally out of mind what to do now..😭😭😭

May, I hope and pray that you will be kind enough to deal with this matter of the frauds, will take necessary actions and help me doing the needful please and getting my money back as I know OLX is a trustable site and i never ever have think about this also. Sir, please help me. I am attaching the money transaction i have made to them

Alka Manral

July 8, 2024

To address the fraud, first, file a complaint with the local police and the cybercrime department, providing all evidence, including transaction details and communication records. Contact OLX customer support to report the incident and seek their assistance. Regularly follow up with both the authorities and OLX. Additionally, consider seeking legal advice to understand your rights and potential actions.

Prakash Achalkar

July 7, 2023

Rs. 6110 paid to a fraud person whose account number- 309020013741, IFSC Code- RATN0000204.
Please return that amount at the earliest.

Prakash Achalkar

July 7, 2023

Please ask fraud person to return my money Rs. 6110


August 8, 2023

My name is Trupti I am account holder of Central Bank of India. On 24th March 2023 I had reported a fraud Transaction through Olx by which there was a fraud transaction of 64,500/-rupees from my account (while selling gym equipments online on olx).I had already mailed and reported the bank on same day on 24th March 2023 and filed a complaint in Nagpur Cyber Cell and also in Local Police Station within 2 hours.

Later I received a credit message of 64,500/- as shadow amount from Bank. For resolving this query I had visited my Home Branch(Sicom Udyog Bhavan Nagpur) and consulted to the Bank Manager but he was not able to explain me exact time line/date for reversal of actual amount in my account.Now more than 4 months has been gone but I had not received the actual credit in my account and not a appropriate response from bank manager. Here by I kindly request you to take my case on priority and reverse my amount and credit my account for the loss and take appropriate action.

These four months were and are still very depressing mentally and financially , I am visiting my home branch regularly but Bank Manager is explaining that investigation is ongoing but giving no confirmation or proof in written what investigation has done till now.What should I do , to whom should i ask.No reversal of actual amount.


September 5, 2023

I want to complaint about Hindi fraud banker who to try to cheat to scam money by asking ATM number,etc. After we understand he be a fake scammer, he started blaming us in a bad words.
Kindly report him as fake bank scammer

Sahil Kaushik

September 24, 2023

My account number is linked with someone Phone number and he withdrawal money by using upi app what can i do know there no fraud from his side because his phone number is linked with my bank account now what can i do know??


October 9, 2023

Mere sath frud hua hai pnb bank se 40000 Debit ho gye ha without otp & link
Please help me sir kay kare

Imamul haque

October 18, 2023

Imamul haque
Baink of india .mera khata hain mere sath farud kiya gya mera bailence cat gya

Shakti Pal Singh

November 9, 2023

Dear Sir

One person who changed a whatapp status of my friend and calling me to do PHONE PE and have done two transaction one transaction which was on 30-Jan-2023 and other one on 03-Feb-2023. Screen shots i have attached in mail for your reference.

My account is in Punjab National Bank
My Name is Shakti Pal Singh
My account no is 0516000204019718.

Is there any possibility or facility to give me charge back of this amount.


January 3, 2024

Someone complained on my bank account my bank is holded and askimg to send details with cyber cell but I am student no time to manage this . will I have to face problem in government jobs in future? tell me

Alka Manral

May 30, 2024

It would be important for you to take out time and communicate with your bank about what has happened. You should be able to solve the problem and make sure that such a situation does not arise in the future. But for that to happen, you need to talk to your bank and understand their actions. As far as your government job prospects are concerned, there should be no problem if you are not responsible for this situation. If any problem does occur, you can file a Writ Petition of Mandamus in the concerned High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution of India challening the actions of the government as discriminatory under Article 14 and Article 16 of the Constitution.


March 8, 2024

Dear sir
I have I have complain SBI bank credit card I have pay my EMI in due date and timely but any month SBI credit card 500rs extra charges + in my credit card bill.. I have cal costom care but God behave please sir refund my rupees I am very poor man.

Alka Manral

May 30, 2024

First, request a detailed credit card statement to identify the specific charge of 500 rs. It may be some kind of late fees, cash advance fees, etc. Check whether your EMI payments were made on time. Then, contact SBI customer care to resolve the issue. You can find the required details on this website: If it is still not resolved, you can approach the Banking Ombudsman established by the RBI under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006. Each bank is required to display at its branch the details of the Banking Ombudsman under whose jurisdiction the branch falls. Complaints may be lodged with the respective Banking Ombudsman here: as per this document: For this, visit the CMS Portal of RBI: If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Banking Ombudsman, you may approach the appellate authority against the Ombudsman’s decision – the Deputy Governor who is in charge of dealing with the implementation of the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, Reserve Bank of India. This appeal must be made within 30 days of the Ombudsman’s decision.If you are still not satisfied, you can file a complaint in Consumer Court.


June 5, 2024



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