Complaining against a Pharmacist

Last updated on Jun 21, 2022

Any complaint with regard to professional misconduct of a pharmacist can be brought either before the State Pharmacy Council or Pharmacy Council of India for disciplinary action.1 Every State Government is required to set up a State Pharmacy Council.2 States are also free to form Joint State Councils with mutual agreement.3 The list of all State Pharmacy Councils in India can be found here.

Procedure to complain

The procedure for filing a complaint against a registered Pharmacist may vary from state to state. This is because they are determined by the respective State Laws and in few states such as Kerala,4 Tamil Nadu,5 and Maharashtra,6 you would require to submit your complaint in writing to the Registrar of the State Pharmacy Council and the grounds of the complaint also has to be stated.7

Generally, the complaint should state the description and address of the complainant. This is because the complaint does not have a provision for anonymous complaints. If any information in the complaint is not within the personal knowledge of the complainant, the source of such information and the reasons why the complainant believes it to be true must be clearly stated.8

Punishing a Pharmacist

Once a complaint is received, the appropriate Pharmacy Council will hear the practitioner. If they are found guilty, then the Council will provide a punishment.

The punishment is determined by the Council and it can even direct removal of the name of the practitioner from the corresponding register altogether or for a specified time period. This means that the pharmacist will not be able to practice for that period.2

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Rita Nandlal karia

October 12, 2022

I am sr.citizen and patient of depression i went today with precribtion to purchase my medicine in shop sknowna Apollo .at mahaswari udyan matunga .mumbai 400019 a pharmasist refuse to give medicine on ground that two steps of dates both are of same date but he doubted integrity sr Dr.A p patker who is aged 90.and told me to go and get new precribution.i being sr.citizen and patient of cancer also..An approch of pharmacy people is pain ful and in hum .if required i send copy of precribtion.i feel it should be brought to your notice. Waiting for reply


November 11, 2022

We’re sorry to hear about this. If you like, you can file a complaint against the pharmacist by following the steps given in the explainer.

Sameer Ulla

June 4, 2023

Sir I am from kunigal taluk Tumkur district they are supplying the drug products in medical like tydol 100 thes tablet is use for cancer patients in cas of pain and they some students using like drugs the pharmacy owner is selling this tablet 1500 for 1 sheet can you please help to stop such things and take action

Dharani mohan Mandal

June 4, 2023

Pradhan Mantri Aushidi kendra,Gashira &Khirishtala,

I complain against their shops.There are no any pradhan mantri ashudhi brands medicines.They are selling high price medicines of others brands. The behavior of pharmacist very worst,raise voice and make noise too high. I am very frustrating about the service,medicine provide and price. So taken needful step against them.

Khusshi Mhattre

June 9, 2023

I ordered for Truly City injection from Pharm Easy in March 23 I enclosed the prescription of my doctor Mr. Pradeep Ghadge along with my order.

However The Pharmeasy people loaded their own Prescription by their Doctor Mr.Dhiman whom I have not seen or met.

The result was they entered the Patients name wrong. This injection us very costly and I have purchased 10 injection from them. I have to show the bills to my adoctor and Insurance Company.

They are not ready to rectify the name giving flimsy reasons. Why they changed my prescription is a big question.

In other drugs also they supply brands which they favor and not as per our prescription. We return all such medicines.

Wrong doctors wro g prescription. Please look into the matter and advise.

Santosh Shukla

June 9, 2023

Jindal pharmacy Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Delhi,
I purchased some medicine and again consult my doctor, he suggested to change the medicine, but when I went to medical store he refused to give me refund of medicine. And treated me in rude behaviour.
How I can file a complaint against them.
Although I had thrown the medicine in their shop.

Dr. Ayaz

June 12, 2023

How do I complain about a pharmacist selling drugs without prescription. He is giving improper doses of drugs. As a doctor i feel very disturbed about this.


January 14, 2024

They have wrongly typed patient name and doc name inspite of telling them in a private medical shop for which we asked for corrected bill and they refused and treated unprofessionally. How can i get the corrected bill for my claim ? And any action can be taken for irresponsible reply ?


March 20, 2024

A pharm D graduate is practicing as a clinical pharmacist without registering in the PCI or TNPC ( Tamilnadu Pharmacy Council), he might not even complted his graduation yet, or might have any backlogs.


March 20, 2024

In my areas there are so many unauthorised chemist. Only one family member own that chemist and they gives medicine with any knowledge. Most of person health not good due to the medicine. And they don’t have any professional degree for the pharmacy.i want you take action against this. Medicals present in new Delhi sangam vihar Gupta colony auto stand 110080 . Medical name is god medical.


March 29, 2024

Hi Team,
My Name is Prabhath residy of Dilsukhnagar. From Since an six months. I am not getting the valid medicine from any pharmacy (chemist) they are providing me the duplicate medicine and also the batch numbers are different on recipient bill and on medicines. It’s a big risk that I am going , facing for such a long tenure and tuff time with these chemist shops. I always prefer to check the batch numbers on medicine while i purchase the medicine. But all the time the chemist is providing the different batch number medicine. Specially the Apollo Pharmacy and MedPlus. Though these two pharmacies considered as the company based having branches across the city but still they are not maintaining the customer centric approach and doing the work loyally. Specially the Apollo pharmacy. Even the small medical halls are also missing the originality to provide the medicine. Do to which we can understand that they are violating the law of medical council of India. Such medical chemist licence should be get seeized for not maintaining the decoram and respecting the law of pharama council. For me it is a big Risk that I am facing for. And also loosing my money for purchasing the wrong medicines not the orginal one. Hope you people will take the serious action on this case/issue. And I will get the proper genuine medicine from next time onwards. Which should be the risk free.

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