Complaining against a Pharmacist

Last updated on Jun 21, 2022

Any complaint with regard to professional misconduct of a pharmacist can be brought either before the State Pharmacy Council or Pharmacy Council of India for disciplinary action.1 Every State Government is required to set up a State Pharmacy Council.2 States are also free to form Joint State Councils with mutual agreement.3 The list of all State Pharmacy Councils in India can be found here.

Procedure to complain

The procedure for filing a complaint against a registered Pharmacist may vary from state to state. This is because they are determined by the respective State Laws and in few states such as Kerala,4 Tamil Nadu,5 and Maharashtra,6 you would require to submit your complaint in writing to the Registrar of the State Pharmacy Council and the grounds of the complaint also has to be stated.7

Generally, the complaint should state the description and address of the complainant. This is because the complaint does not have a provision for anonymous complaints. If any information in the complaint is not within the personal knowledge of the complainant, the source of such information and the reasons why the complainant believes it to be true must be clearly stated.8

Punishing a Pharmacist

Once a complaint is received, the appropriate Pharmacy Council will hear the practitioner. If they are found guilty, then the Council will provide a punishment.

The punishment is determined by the Council and it can even direct removal of the name of the practitioner from the corresponding register altogether or for a specified time period. This means that the pharmacist will not be able to practice for that period.2

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Mohammed sherif

October 28, 2022

Provided medicine expired ,and after reach home noticed family person that provided medicine got expired,so again visited the medical shop,behaved worst ,raised voice and make noise too high, actually mistakes are done be them,but asking my end very kind and polite,i was very frustrated about the services and the medicine provided for my brother baby.


November 11, 2022

We’re sorry to hear about this. If you like, you can file a complaint against the pharmacist by following the steps given in the explainer.

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