Your child cannot quit school even if they are working with the family enterprise. The law specifically states the importance of a child’s education and prohibits work during school hours and between 7 pm and 8 am.

Children working in the family business

Last updated on Jun 22, 2022

Children (below the age of 14) and adolescents are allowed to work in the family business.

Family Business

A family business means any work or business which is performed or run by the members of the family. The business could belong to or be run by an immediate family (mother, father, brother or sister) or extended family (father’s sister and brother, or mother’s sister and brother).

Types of Work

It is important that the family business does not involve the following:

  • Dangerous substances or processes (the term in law is ‘hazardous’ occupation or process).
  • Mines, Inflammable substances and explosives.

Children are allowed to work in a family business, but the child’s education should not be affected. The following points should be kept in mind:

  • They have a right to education.
  • They should only be made to work after school hours or during vacations.
  • Parents also have a duty to send their children to school under the law.

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