Arresting a Woman

Last updated on Jul 12, 2022

Apart from all the rules that need to be followed while making an arrest, the police also have to keep a few important things in mind while arresting a woman. They are: 

  • A woman cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise (unless in exceptional circumstances). 
  • A lady constable has to be present when a woman is being arrested. 

In the exceptional circumstance when the woman has to be arrested at night, the woman police officer has to take permission in writing from the local Judicial Magistrate. 

However, to some extent, the Supreme Court has relaxed this rule. If the arresting officer is reasonably satisfied that if the lady officer is not available and the delay in getting the lady officer would impede/obstruct the investigation, he can carry on with arresting the woman. But he has to provide, in his arrest memo, the reasons and circumstances for his actions either before the arrest or immediately after. 

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