Feb 23, 2022

100 Days of Nyaaya Daily : A Recap

Today we celebrate 100 Days of Nyaaya Daily! The Nyaaya Daily is a simple legal explainer with bite-sized, contextual information on legal issues in the news or recent legal developments. We want people to become familiar with the law and its impact on them at a personal level. 

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Here are some of the popular Nyaaya Daily posts:


Arnab Goswami’s Arrest And The Law On Abetment Of Suicide

Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami was arrested by the Mumbai police in connection with an abetment to suicide case filed against him in 2018. This daily explains the law on abetment of suicide and important cases on intention with respect to this crime. Read more here.


5 Important Things That The Supreme Court Recently Said About The Law On Maintenance

The Supreme Court delivered a judgement in the case of Rajnesh v. Neha, discussing various aspects of the law on maintenance in India. This daily lists the laws under which a woman is entitled to maintenance and important points made by the Supreme Court on them. Read more here.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Inter-Religious Marriages

After being criticised for promoting ‘love jihad’ on social media, the Tata group’s jewellery brand Tanishq has taken down its latest advertisement. The advertisement shows a baby shower being thrown by a Muslim family for their daughter-in-law, who is a Hindu. The hashtag #BoycottTanishq started trending. This daily explains the law on inter-religious marriages under the Special Marriage Act, 1955 and the process of how the marriage is conducted. Read more here.


Here Is What You Need To Know About Arrest-Related Rights

Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami was arrested by the Mumbai Police in relation to an old charge on abetment of suicide. This daily lists down the arrest-related guidelines given in the case of DK Basu v State of West Bengal by the Supreme Court. Read more here.


What can you do if the police don’t act on your complaint?

In a recent order, the Punjab and Haryana High Court discussed what a person can do when police officers do not take action on a complaint. This daily explains the remedies to deal with the police in case of deliberate inaction, unreasonable delay, failure to collect evidence, shielding of offenders etc. Read more here.

A daughter’s right to property

In 2005, Hindu family law was changed to give Hindu daughters a right to the joint family’s ancestral property. The change was brought about through the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act of 2005. This daily explains the Supreme Court judgement which gives daughters belonging to a Hindu joint family, the right in the family property even if her father was not alive when the law was changed in 2005. Read more here.


5 things you didn’t know about the Rights of the Dead

The family of the Hathras gang-rape victim claimed that the police forcibly cremated her body in the middle of the night, without respecting the family’s wishes. This daily lists down the rights in relation to a deceased person including defamation of a dead person, trespassing on burial places etc. Read more here.


Does The I&B Ministry Control Netflix And Amazon Prime?

The government brought digital/online media under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B Ministry)through a notification on 9th November, 2020. This daily discusses the role of I&B Ministry and the implications for OTT platforms. Read more here.

Buying a flat: Your rights as a consumer

This daily looks at the Supreme Court decision that if a property developer does not provide a flat within the time specified in the contract, the flat buyer can approach the Consumer Court for compensation. If the developer does not provide the flat to a flat purchaser on time, it is considered a deficiency under the Consumer Protection Act. Read more here.

Can you be punished for insulting the Court?

The Supreme Court had taken notice of some tweets by lawyer Prashant Bhushan which criticized the Court. This daily explains the judgement passed against the lawyer for criminal contempt of court. Read more here.