Mar 9, 2022

Types of Property Disputes


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February 14 2022

A Brief Overview of the Prevention of Corruption Act

  Corruption is a pervasive problem in India. Almost 9% of our gross domestic product is hampered due to corruption, and at least $1trillion is lost every year.1 Widespread corruption and bribery undermines the administrative system. It has grave implications for the economic and political framework and severely affects the social fabric of Indian society. […]
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February 09 2022

How to protect your money online

“Congrats! Your personal loan has been approved up to Rs. 5 lac!”. Some of us may be familiar with such messages, on our phones and on emails. After the initial elation about receiving a congratulatory message, you may soon realize that you never applied for any loan, and just ignore the message. However, some people […]
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