Jul 26, 2022

‘The Mutton Song’ and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community

In the Mutton song from the movie #LuvKaTheEnd, the lyrics reek of homophobia and insults cross-dressing. The song objectifies non-binary bodies and portrays that bar dancing as a profession is not a dignified livelihood.

The Supreme Court has decriminalised homosexual relationships (relationships between people of the same sex). In the Navtej Singh judgement, the Supreme Court held that the law does not criminalize consensual sexual relationships between two adults (above eighteen years). It does not matter if the adult relationship involves a gay couple (man and a man), lesbian couple (woman and a woman) or transgenders.

Moreover, the Constitution of India, 1950 protects sexual orientation as part of the right to equality and right to life. This includes the choice of whom to partner and the ability to find fulfilment in sexual intimacies without facing discrimination.

Further, the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 protects trangender people against discrimination and harassment. Educational institutions cannot discriminate against transgender people and must treat them on an equal basis with other people. No establishment should discriminate against any transgender person in matters relating to employment, including recruitment, promotion, etc. Also, no person or establishment can discriminate against transgender people by denying them healthcare services. Transgender people have the right to access goods, accommodation, benefits, opportunities, etc. that are available to the public.

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