Feb 14, 2022

#NyaayaSpeaks Celebrates World Environment Day 2020

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In 1972, the first major world conference on environmental issues, called the United Nations Conference on Human Environment, took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Famously noted as the turning point of international environment protection regime, the aim of the conference was to address the challenges of preserving and enhancing the human environment, keeping in mind the concerns of growing human population, climate change, wildlife protection, and so on.

Later that year, the first day of this conference, i.e. June 5th, was adopted as World Environment Day by a UN General Assembly Resolution [A/RES/2994 (XXVII)].

As most UN Conferences go, this too was largely attended by diplomats from different parts of the world. However, India was the only invited country represented by its head of state, Indira Gandhi. India was also one of the few countries to adopt most of the guidelines from the conference into its law.

World Environment Day 2020

With an attempt to revive this enthusiasm on environmental advocacy and consciousness, we at Nyaaya, are launching our June edition of #NyaayaSpeaks this World Environment Day 2020.


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The Nyaaya Quiz

Along with our traditional special posts and tweet chats, this time we are also excited to announce our first ever Nyaaya Quiz. Are you an environmental aficionado with a special knack for facts, history and the law? Take our quiz and find out.

The quiz will be live on our website on June 5, 2020, 9 AM onwards. Lucky winners also stand a chance to win Amazon Gift Vouchers!


Facebook Live Chat — Wildlife Protection

For the first time, we are also having a Facebook Live Chat with Praveen Bhargav, an environmentalist involved in wildlife conservation to understand the legal framework in place to protect wildlife in India.


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Praveen Bhargav has has been involved in wildlife conservation activities since 1982. He co-founded Wildlife First, a not-for-profit conservation organization and presently serves as its Managing Trustee.

Join us on our Facebook page on June 5th, 8 PM to know more.


Tweet Chat — Air Pollution

We haven’t forgotten about our customary tweet chats. This #NyaayaSpeaks we are talking to Siddharth Singh, a climate policy expert and the author of the book, The Great Smog of India.

Lockdowns in India, in light of COVID19, had its merits as well as demerits. One of the more visible merits was the improvement seen in air quality in different parts of the country. Some northern cities even reported seeing the Himalayas on clear sky days. However, the bitter truth of this is that this improvement in air quality is not permanent. As the country moves towards easing lockdown restrictions, the resuming of transport and industry could bring the pollution levels to the alarming rates from before the lockdown.


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Join us on our twitter page on June 5th, 5 PM onwards to know more on how policies should adapt to ensure that pollution levels remain low as the COVID crisis passes.

As a society, we are at a very crucial point in time where the need to protect the environment should be our first priority. This is not only to facilitate our rights to live in a healthy environment but also to ensure sustainable development for future generations to come. With this aim, we hope to spread as much awareness on environmental laws, policies and regulations in India to help drive a change towards preserving our environment. After all, there is no Planet B!

Do keep an eye out on all our social media platforms to read our special posts dedicated to this World Environment Day

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