May 29, 2023

Nyaaya’s Samvidhaan Fellowship Roundtable Covered Widely in Kannada Print Media

The existing geographical, social, and economic disparities continue to make the legal system daunting and inaccessible for most Indians, despite over 80% Indians being eligible for legal aid services. 

Nyaaya’s Samvidhaan Fellowship in Karnataka is dedicated to promoting accessible justice for underserved communities to help them overcome these barriers. Seven district-based lawyers partner with community-based organizations and local state authorities to achieve this goal. 

On April 29, 2023, Nyaaya hosted an event in Bangalore, bringing together influential changemakers from various sectors to address these challenges and develop sustainable solutions. Representatives from the judiciary, police force, government, law schools, civil society organizations, and district-level lawyers participated, showcasing their collective commitment to creating a holistic system where every citizen is aware of their rights and can seek justice without unnecessary obstacles. 

The event received extensive coverage in Kannada print media, shedding light on the pressing issues surrounding India’s legal system. Some glimpses of Nyaaya’s media coverage can be found below.





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